To take full advantage of the world wide web as a medium for artists and designers, we can use not just small token images, but also large well produced images, so that people can really view and get to know the work. An opportunity which is often missed.

A system of small, medium and large images works well. The small images provide a quick guide, and a way to navigate between non consecutive images. The medium sized images let people view the work in some detail with quicker download times. Large well produced images are an excellent way for people to view an artist or designer's work.

Click the images below to view the web sites.

Peter Bedford

Juliet Wood
This web site features a fourth level of picture size. At the top of each main page is a collection of all the pictures on that page in miniature. They can all be seen at once, with their real relative sizes. It is also a navigation feature, click an image to go to a medium sized version.

Richard Shirley Smith

Simon Brett
This is a smaller web site. Because the subject matter is wood engraving, we could make the images smaller but life size and viewed on a single scrolling page. The odd image that was too big for the format has a "click to see full size" feature.

Rosemarie Timmis

Mark Ashley
This web site has 79 pages and a mirror version in Japanese also with 79 pages. As the owner of this web site lives in Japan, it was built from conception to completion via email. The only exception being a letter containing images on CD Rom and a phone call. If you don't live locally and want a web site, this is not a problem! Also please contact me for a high quality English/Japanese translation service.



Focus-irs are no longer trading. It is included as an example of Flash animation. Flash animation is not necessarily appropriate for web sites about art or design as it is attention grabbing and competes with the subject matter. However, Flash animation services are available. Please contact me for details.

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